Hello, I’m Mathieu, a French engineer.

I can work on various tasks, from development to deployment and operation.
Here is a non-exhaustive list of topics that interest me: Systems administration, infrastructure automation, deployment pipelines, distributed and fault-tolerant infrastructures, observability, development and software craftmanship, functional programming, microservice architecture, stream processing, DevOps and SRE organizational topics…​

I mostly code in Clojure and Golang today but had to work with various languages across time, whether at work or on personal projects.

I maintain several open source projects and SaaS, related to various topics (but monitoring and observability is a field where I like experimenting).

I’ve been using Linux for several years. My default editor is Emacs.

I’m familiar with, managed, or used in production a lot of tools or software. But beyond technologies and buzzwords, I’m able to design robust programs and systems while taking into account the user’s needs. I can keep in mind complex infrastructures while thinking about potential failures and how the systems will react to them.

Work experience

I’m currently working as a Senior Staff Site Reliability Engineer at a French unicorn.


I worked at Exoscale where I was in charge of one of the teams developing Cloud products.

My team developed and maintained several products, like the Exoscale Kubernetes offering, the Exoscale Network Load Balancer, Instance Pool, the Exoscale API gateway handling all clients requests, or products related to networking among other things.

I actively participated in the design and development of the product (distributed systems, orchestrators, fault tolerance, communication between services…​), on agents managing local states (on hypervisors for example), on the API exposing the functionalities to the end users.

I also worked on various topics like the compute orchestration engine, stream processing engines, Elastic IPs, internal tooling, ops-related work…​
I mostly used Clojure for developing, but also worked (and sometimes, developed from scratch) on several Golang projects.

As a team lead, I vouched for the robustness and quality of the products we worked on. I was in permanent contact with the others teams and involved in a lot of topics, on the dev or the ops side.

Almost all of our applications were deployed on top of Kubernetes. I used tools like SQL databases, Cassandra, and Kafka regularly.

I was also oncall (24/7).


I worked for a few months for Malt as a system administrator. My job was to manage and improve the production platform and help developers deploy applications.

I managed the production on the OVH cloud, using tools like Terraform, Ansible, Hashicorp Vault. The infrastructure was monitored by Telegraf and InfluxDB, and we used Grafana for dashboards.

During this time, I rewrote for example large parts of the Ansible roles and playbooks (implementing Ansible best practices) to have a more robust and powerful deployment pipeline for applications and the infrastructure.

I also worked on load-balancing topics using the OVH load balancer and HAproxy.


I worked for several years as a consultant at Zenika. Apart from a few short missions on topics like Artifactory installations or Ansible, I mainly worked for one big French company in the energy sector.

My team’s job was to bring the DevOps mindset to the company

I managed the production environment for some projects (RHEL instances) and worked a lot on automation stuff (Ansible mainly, I wrote hundreds of roles and pushed Ansible best practices in the company, and Openstack).

I also worked a lot with developers from various projects to help them implement DevOps best practices and deploy regularly and safely in production.
We also built a Jenkins as a service platform for projects, with a one-click deployment of fully configured Jenkins instances (using Groovy, Job DSL, with all the configurations on Git…​).

I worked also on logs and monitoring topics (using tools like Kafka, Elasticsearch, logstash, Collectd, Grafana, Kibana…​), and implemented load balancing for a project (replaced F5 by HAproxy).

I spent the last 6 months in the company on a new project where I helped deploying the infrastructure (based on Kubernetes) and where I also developed a bit in Java and Typescript.


I have a French Master degree in computer science (Bac +5) from the Université de Lorraine Nancy, specialization "Services, Sécurité des systèmes et des réseaux" (Services, System and network security).

I also have a DUT (Diplôme universitaire de technologie) in computer science from the I.U.T Nancy-Charlemagne.


Mail: email

Talks I gave

  • 2022: Une CLI pour les gouverner toutes Slides (FR)

  • 2022: Rendez vos développeurs autonomes sur la production Vidéo, Slides (FR)

  • 2021: Les autorités de certification dans Kubernetes Vidéo, Slides (FR)

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  • 2019 Gérez les images de vos machines virtuelles. Vidéo, Slides (FR)

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  • 2018: Riemann (monitoring tool). Slides (EN)


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